30 November 2011


450-500 grams plain flour
250 ml warm milk
175 grams butter
80 ml vegetable oil
20 grams fresh yeast
2 medium eggs
2 teaspoons of sugar
1 teaspoon of salt
300 grams cottage cheese
sea salt, cumin, for sprinkling

In a large bowl, put about 400 grams of sifted flour, a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of sugar. Crumble the fresh yeast in a small bowl (or a mug), pour 50 ml of warm milk and sprinkle one teaspoon of sugar and leave it to activate. To the flour add the rest of the warm milk, one yolk (well blended with the oil), and the activated yeast and blend well with a wooden spoon. You will get a very, very, very soft batter that will not resemble anything like dough, at least not yet. Take a bit of those remaining 100 grams of flour, move the batter a bit with the wooden spoon, sprinkle the flour over and blend again. Take a bit more of the flour, put it underneath the batter and knead the dough a bit with your hand. As soon as it starts to stick to your hand, stop kneading.
Take more of the flour and sprinkle on top and all around the dough, cover the bowl with a clean tea towel and leave it to rise, about 30–45 minutes.Put the risen dough on your work surface (only add a bit of flour if it starts to stick a lot), divide it into eight equal dough balls and knead them briefly. Roll out each into a circle, about 6" wide, and then spread some of the butter (about a tablespoon or two per each circle) on top of four circles. Top those four with the remaining ones. Now you have four dough sandwiches, so to speak.
Roll out those dough sandwiches into large circles, and then cut them into eight equal triangles. For the filling, beat briefly the cheese with one whole egg. Put a bit of a filling onto each triangle, roll them from the wider to the narrower side and put them on a baking sheet lined with baking paper.Beat the remaining egg white until soft peeks form; then brush it evenly on every roll and sprinkle them with sea salt or cumin seeds. Chop the rest of the butter into little cubes and put a dab on each roll. Bake them immediately in a preheated oven, at 180˚C, about 20 minutes. Adapted.


  1. Divne, mirisne i neodoljive... tako bih opisala ove kiflice, a koliko mi se cini svi smo dobro uradili domaci zadatak, bas izgledaju ljupko u ovoj cinijici.;)))

  2. Kiflice su zaista "opasne", samo mame na još... Divneee

  3. Jako lepe i "buckaste"!
    I jako lepa prva fotka :)

  4. Hvala vam, cure :)
    Kiflice su zaista izuzetno ukusne :)

  5. Tko me je tjerao gladnu obilaziti blogove, gledati fotke i čitati kako su ukusne kiflice. Sad mi je žao što nisam sudjelovala. Super su ti ispale.

  6. Uh, koliko kiflica danas! :) I sve lepse od lepsih... :)

  7. Jao Tina, divne su ti fotke, a i glavni "glumci". Vise ne smijem ninapisati kiflice, koliko sam im se nagledala danas. :))))

  8. Odlične slikice,a kiflice su stvarno super,isprobane i s moje strane.

  9. Hvala vam :))
    Baš su nam svima ispale super kiflice :)

  10. Super si ih napravila, danas baš uživam u kiflicama ! :)

  11. I kod tebe su prekrane, svaka čast :)

  12. Joj, diiiivno izgledaju, jedva čekam da ih isprobam !
    Deluju sočno, valjda zbog margarina, mmmmm :D


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